Other Affiliations & Collaborations

Current Work, Other Affiliations & Collaborations

I am currently the Director of Strategy & Research at Doteveryone. We want to make the internet work for everyone, and by that, we mean that it is a fair, accountable, useful and diverse place. I’ve been doing some work with Co-op Digital as a service designer.  I’m also the Co-founder of the Point People, Co-founder of Tech For Good Global and Founder of the Civic Shop.

Government Digital Service

I worked as a user researcher at Government Digital Service. We help government make digital services and information simpler, clearer and faster. We put users’ needs before the needs of government. GDS is part of the Cabinet Office and the Efficiency and Reform Group.

We Are Snook

I’m on the Board (or Challenge Circle as they call it) of Snook. Snook are aware of problems and challenges in the world that demand collaboration, innovation and creativity; not only in public services, but throughout entire social systems. Snook is all about the power of people and everyone’s ability to transform their own realities. They bring together design, digital and change to do this.

Open Institute

I am a faculty member of the Open Institute. The Open Institute is an ambitious infrastructure that seeks to offer new opportunities for Open education, enterprise, and everyday life for its citizens. This could be achieved via a range of shared resources; spaces, tools, and platforms. Which are then put in a commons, where anyone can access them. The first instance of the OI is being developed in London, backed by £50m investment from the government. And the institution itself will be shared so that other cities can create their own OI.

Social Innovation Camp

I’m an Associate at Social Innovation Camp which matches software developers and those with an understanding of a social problem to help them start and grow technology-based social ventures. Social Innovation Camp started in the UK. Now it’s springing up across the globe: each version of Social Innovation Camp is unique and run locally but with support from the UK team.

I’m also a mentor for their sister organisation Bethnal Green Ventures – (http://bethnalgreenventures.com/mentors/)

Nominet Trust

I run the Academy for Nominet Trust which you can read more about here (http://www.nominettrust.org.uk/knowledge-centre/blogs/strengthening-ecosystem-systemic-innovation). Nominet bring together, invest in and support people committed to using digital technology to create social and economic value. They have invested in hundreds of organisations since inception in 2008, providing business support as well as financial investment, seeking to connect projects to prospective partners who can help increase their reach and impact.

100% Open

I’m an Associate at 100%Open is a specialist open innovation agency that helps large organisations create value by innovating with others. Their  vision of open innovation is when an enterprise realises a fast and significant return on investment by making partners out of suppliers, customers or clients. Their open innovation programmes have created value for E.ON, Royal Mail, Interface, Fujitsu, Nesta, Barclaycard, BT, Oxfam, Procter & Gamble, Oracle, Virgin Atlantic, Tesco, Orange, Discovery Channel, Shop Direct, Cancer Research UK, McLaren, NATS, and Pfizer.

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