The Carrier







The Carrier is a monthly newspaper founded in 2012. It was inspired by Helen Pearson, who spoke of how she was cheered by hearing news about the work her daughter and her daughter’s friends were doing. It was also a way for that same group of people to keep in touch with others and help explain the work they do. It has become an intimate way to send news to the people in our lives and also share in one another’s news.

Each month the group of contributors writes their piece. Sometimes they have been prompted by a choice of questions but there is no restriction in terms of what they write about.

The only thing that we ask is that they think of who they are writing for. And that’s the beauty of The Carrier. Some of the contributors are writing for their grandparents or their parents, others for a friend, and some people are writing for nobody specific at all. However, everyone gets to see what everyone else has written and each of the people receiving The Carrier get to read what has been written for everyone else. And there you end up with a collection of between 30-40 articles a month. And a newspaper. Once printed by the brilliant newspaper club, they are sent out by post, one by one, to the list of people complied by all the authors.