The Point People
the point people
The Point People was created in 2011 when I looked around me and realised that everyone was trying to be an entrepreneur. There was a huge drive (still is) to incubate, accelerate and nurture entrepreneurs and their ideas but the narrative around this didn’t work for me. firstly, I was a crap entrepreneur. The focus that entrepreneurs need isn’t where I naturally look. I see across things and think very laterally. Truth is, I sit better inbetween things. From that place I can connect the dots. Given that the scale and complexity of the social challenges we face is huge, and definitely not solvable by one lone entrepreneur, people that can connect the dots have some value, I think! I also loathe being called a freelancer. Maybe I shouldn’t get hung up on such things but every morning when I get up I have the same drive and commitment to affect change that is often only attributed to entrepreneurs. And also, the projects I work on all connect in to an over-arching narrative, I don’t just dip in and out of things.Anyway, that’s where the Point People came from. a group of people selected for their different but extensive networks, who really embody the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts because their networks connect many sectors together. In some ways the point people is still an experiment. We are trying to see how we can work with our cross sector intelligence, in a networked way, to affect change, at a systemic level.