Uncomfortably Alive

Uncomfortably Alive

Uncomfortably Alive is an emergent research programme to show how our lives can be shaped by touching on those experiences that are intangible, uncomfortable or inexplicable. We want to open up a larger space for the exploration of these experiences and feelings that can be difficult to express, are often muted, and yet we believe are the conduit and agent for making culture work.

We will create experiences and experiments that let light in to these places and test our hypothesis that by thinking afresh and changing the way we define these human experiences we might also change our individual and collective futures. Uncomfortably Alive explores four areas: intimacy, relationships, death & vulnerability.


We are writing a book about intimacy with 12 different contributors. The collection reassess the role that intimacy plays in our personal lives, our interactions with each other and with services and larger systems. There are 4 different sections to the book: intimacy enabling, intimacy demanding, intimacy deficit and intimacy disrupting.



We have an idea for a film that we want to make. It asks the question, ”who has the right to intervene in our death?” And it explores uncomfortable questions about our choice to die, about taking our own lives and the relationship to public service. We hope to start work on this in 2014.




Working with talented animation artist, Emily Mantell, we’re creating an animation that takes you through a journey into vulnerability. We wanted to show the strength that can come from opening up and letting go. Inspired by “You cannot live when you are untouchable. Life is vulnerability.” Douard Boubat, Notebooks, 1958


Working in innovation, I’m amazed at how little the structures of personal & family relationships have evolved to be relevant in our changing times. With our ageing population, longer life course, increasing infidelity, digital intimacies and more social isolation. My blog explores this and in the future we hope to set up a relationships lab.